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High Intermediate: Subjunctive Workshop

Course Description: In this engaging workshop, students will review one of the most elusive topics for Spanish learners - the subjunctive mood. Through engaging exercises and conversational activities, you will explore a variety of usages of the subjunctive and deepen your understanding of the reasons the subjunctive or indicative mood is used in different situations. The course will focus on usage of the present subjunctive, but students who have studied beyond that structure (past subjunctive) are welcome to join. Students will enjoy using real life examples and contexts in which Spanish speakers employ the subjunctive mood and conversational activities that will help them achieve clarity on whether the subjunctive should be used in a given sentence. Perfect for high intermediate students seeking to improve their accuracy learning this nuanced part of the Spanish language.

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed at least Intermediate 4 or been recommended Intermediate 5 after completion of placement test.

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