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Conversational Spanish 1

Course Description: The objective of this engaging and highly participatory course is to improve your speaking ability and expand your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary. Through dynamic conversational activities, you will be able to improve your comprehension and expression techniques, widen your vocabulary base, and improve fluency. Designed for High Beginner learners, this course is perfect for students who have already learned to conjugate verbs in the present tense in Spanish and would like to focus on increasing fluidity. Activities will include a thematic focus on vocabulary building, learning new idiomatic expressions, learning to avoid false cognates, situational role-plays, and abundant conversational practice in partners and as a group.

Prerequisite: Completion of our Beginner 3 course OR basic familiarity with the present tense in Spanish. Not recommended for students who already know some past tense.  

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Possible course topics (subject to change):

1. Getting to know you - Questions and answers for first conversations
2. Professions - Learn to name a variety of professions and describe what they entail
3. Making plans - Practice telling time, discussing schedules, and making plans with friends!
4. Idiomatic expressions with estar - Describe a range emotions and conditions
5. Pastimes - Expand your vocabulary and discuss your favorite hobbies
6. Idiomatic expressions with dar - Increase your fluidity with more idiomatic expressions
7. False cognates - Words that look similar in English and Spanish but have different meanings
8. Nature & garden - Lean to discuss the great outdoors, both wild and cultivated!