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Conversational Spanish 3

Course Description: This engaging and highly participatory course designed to give higher intermediate students an opportunity to focus entirely on conversational practice. Designed for High Intermediate Spanish learners who have already studied a wide range of Spanish structures including the past tenses, perfect tenses, and present and past subjunctive mood, this conversational course will provide students time and space to flesh out the structures they’ve been studying in practice with the aim of increasing fluidity. The conversation topics will vary, examples include sharing personal anecdotes, discussing current events and realities in Latin America or among immigrant communities, reading and discussing articles about art, culture, or other topics. At this level, in addition to strengthening students’ speaking ability a main goal is to expand cultural knowledge and provide studies opportunities to observe and use the Spanish language in context to express their ideas

In this course, you'll enjoy learning new words and idiomatic expressions, listening to audio of Spanish conversations to improve auditory skills, deepening your knowledge of Latin American culture, and conversing about a broad range of topics.

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed Intermediate 5, 6, or an Advanced course or been recommended Intermediate 6 or Advanced courses.

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