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Intermediate Spanish Book Seminar - “Cajas de cartón”

Cajas de CartonCourse Description: In this fascinating seminar-style course, students will read the collection of short stories “Cajas de Cartón”  (in English “The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child”), an autobiographical work by Spanish professor and chicano author Francisco Jiménez. The independent but intertwined stories, based on his childhood in a family of migrant farm workers, chronicle Panchito’s experiences growing up in the 1940’s picking the fields of California in impoverished conditions while striving to excel in school and help his family get ahead. The winner of numerous literary awards and the first in a series of three, the book illuminates the realities of migrant life through the eyes of wise and observant protagonist young Panchito, and shares a universal story of hope, faith, and endurance.

Enjoy lively discussion about the themes of the book while boosting your vocabulary and sharpening your Spanish comprehension and conversation skills!

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed at least Spanish Intermediate 3 or equivalent

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