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Spanish Intermediate VI

Course Description: This is a continuation of Intermediate V, a course where students consolidate the main uses of present and past subjunctive, and how to apply it in different contexts and daily life situations. In this course students will continue to evolve in their understanding of the subjuntive by learning new sophisticated structures like conditional sentences particulary useful to express hypothetical or contrary to fact situations. You will also be introduced here to the past perfect subjunctive and the conditional perfect indicative in order to form sentences of the type in english: "If had known about.... I would not have...."

This course provides opportunities for students to practice their skills in contextual conversations and assignments with a wide range of Spanish immersion activities including readings, writing assignments, and guided discussion about diverse cultural and social topics in Latin America and around the world. The ultimate goal is to refine students’ skills in all areas: speaking, writing, and written/oral comprehension through a balanced use of grammar study and engaging cultural manifestations of the Spanish language. 

Prerequisite: Spanish Intermediate V or equivalent

Duration: 10 weeks (1 class/week)

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