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Student Testimonials

You really get the opportunity to know everyone in your class, and it is a lot of fun to study Spanish amongst a small group of friends. I would have to say that the atmosphere of the class in combination with the high quality of the instruction has always created a learning environment that has exceeded my expectations.
-Jacob C.

I am grateful for the time spent on conversation and the focused attention of teachers at Tierra.  I enjoy being in classes with students from a myriad of backgrounds.  My favorite part has been my classmates' sense of humor about learning a second language and the calm and comfortable atmosphere.
-Stephanie L.

I really enjoy the small classes at Tierra.  It is much easier to get to know your peers and teachers with small groups than in a larger, more classroom like setting.  Tierra in and of itself has built a community centered around Spanish language and cultures that is unlike any other place that I have been a part of and it's great to be able to explore language study locally through Tierra.
-Corrie B.

I have been with Tierra Center since they first opened. Having been to classes at a couple other places, I have to say that Tierra is the best by far. The classes are personalized to fit the needs of the students in them. The teachers are knowledgable and professional. I have learned a lot in a short time. The staff at Tierra Center openly show that they truly care about us.
-Shannon S.

There is so much laughter and fun, there is an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement, and everyone is there to help and support each other. What a wonderful learning environment, and thank you to the great teacher who sets the tone, smiles, makes jokes, and teaches during it all with ease.

So glad I found this place. My instructor is fantastic and I love the course work.
-Lance C.

Cecilia is AMAZING. My skills and confidence have increased significantly in the brief time I've been in her class.
-Cole B.

I've been studying at Tierra now for over three years and really enjoy the classes and instructors.  Being with other motivated students also encourages me to study and learn more.
-Tom C.


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