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Spanish Intermediate V

Course Description: The main topics of this course focus on expanding the students’ ability to use the present and past subjunctive moods. This course is recommended for those who completed successfully Intermediate level IV, or who feel comfortable speaking and using the present subjunctive and have had a previous introduction to the past subjunctive.

This course will also include numerous opportunities to practice conversation and to keep polishing other structures besides the subjunctive mood. By the end of this course students will have acquired a good understanding of the different uses of the subjunctive. At this point, students will be ready to focus on improving fluency and comprehension and to immerse themselves in Latin American culture.

Prerequisite: Spanish Intermediate IV or equivalent


  • Intensive series: 5 weeks (2 classes/week)
  • Regular series: 10 weeks (1 class/week)

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Course Outline:

1) Review of the Present Subjunctive
2) Subjunctive with verbs of influence and verbs of emotion
3) Subjunctive with verbs of perception and verbs of opinion
4) Uses of the verb "decir" with subordinated clauses in the indicative and subjunctive.
5) Subordinated clauses with Past Subjunctive
6) Uses of Past Subjunctive

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