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Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is arguably the most useful second language for people in the U.S. to learn. Below you’ll find just some of the benefits of studying this beautiful and widely-spoken romance language!

Communication & Travel
Learning Spanish gives you the tools to communicate with millions of Spanish-speakers both at home and abroad.The latest U.S. census determined that for over 37 million people, Spanish is the primary language spoken at home, and there are over 400 million Spanish speakers around the world making it the fourth most spoken language on the planet. Studying Spanish opens the doors to building community with your neighbors and enjoying a more authentic travel experience in one of the more 20 countries where Spanish is a majority language.

Career advancement
In many fields including education, healthcare, business, and social work, Spanish skills are highly valued and in some cases, required. Becoming bilingual offers many opportunities for advancement, and even gaining elementary Spanish skills can give you a competitive edge in searching for jobs or seeking growth in your career.

Cognitive benefits
The benefits of bilingualism are well-documented and indisputable. In fact, learning a second language has been shown to improve cognitive skills and may even delay the onset of dementia (Dreifus, 2011). Studying a foreign language gives our brains much-needed exercise that has a positive impact on cognitive function, regardless of the ability level or age of the learner.

Expanding horizons
Of the many wonderful reasons to study Spanish, the most inspiring one is how it opens our hearts and minds to new ideas and people. As we begin to study Spanish, we quickly realize that language is not merely a means of communicating information; it is also a way of seeing and understanding the world. Studying Spanish unlocks a new way of thinking – about our community, our world, and our place in it.

Why Tierra?
Tierra Educational Center’s interactive, communicative approach to language instruction provides students with a relaxed and friendly environment in which to learn and practice speaking Spanish. We believe that learning Spanish in a small class with a highly-qualified, experienced instructor gives our students the skills and confidence to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts. Unlike online study or self-study, our interactive classes provide immediate feedback and thorough explanations of new and challenging concepts. Tierra’s students are motivated by a variety of goals; thanks to our small class sizes, teachers are able to integrate the interests of their students into the curriculum and offer students ample opportunity to put their skills to use!


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