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Learn Spanish Slang & Idioms

Course Description: In this fun and unique course, students will have the chance to become familiar with words that you would hear walking down the street in a Spanish-speaking country, but that are generally absent from textbooks and formal learning - slang and idioms. With a focus on Mexican slang but also inclusion of some similar words from different countries, this class will introduce you to words that are common in everyday life, for example, colloquialisms for “boy”, “girl”, “job”, “cool”, “beer” or “apartment” and invite you to practice using this words in fun conversational activities.

Students will also learn many idioms and idiomatic expressions - a wonderful gateway to cultural learning, as a language’s idioms reflect cultural assumptions and commonly held beliefs. This class is perfect for students with a strong interest in understanding native Spanish-speakers and exploring culture through language.

Best suited for: Students who have completed Spanish Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Intermediate 3 or equivalent

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