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Advanced Conversation: Cine contemporáneo

Course Description: In this highly interactive cultural immersion course, students with advanced Spanish skills will enjoy viewing contemporary Latin American and Spanish films at home as their homework each week, and come together in class to analyze and discuss each film viewed. Covering a wide range of themes and genres, the films chosen for this course will be produced by and filmed in a variety of countries, giving students a well-rounded sampling of film output from the Spanish-speaking world in recent years. The films studied will all be available on either Internet Archive (a free resource) or Netflix, students will need to find a way to access the movies from home.

Analyzing these films will serve as a springboard from which students can reflect on diverse cultural attitudes and manifestations in Latin America and Spain, as the themes explored and dialogues within each film reveal distinct cultural perspectives. Analysis during class may include a review of the plot and characters, exploration of themes, symbolism, and meaning, impressions of the visual or filmmaking aspects of the films, discussion of new vocabulary and idiomatic or expressions or slang, and sharing of student’s opinions about and reactions to the films. Viewing the films will also give students ample opportunity to practice listening to and understanding native speakers as they speak, and observe the Spanish language as it is used in everyday speech in multiple countries and contexts.

Prerequisites: Students who’ve previously completed Intermediate 6 or an Advanced course or been recommended an Advanced course.

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