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Music and Dance of Spain

Course Description: Deepen your cultural knowledge and gain new Spanish skills through this engaging exploration of traditional music and dance from Spain!

Students will explore the fascinating world of Spanish music and dance, becoming familiar with a rich sampling of rhythms and styles such as the many varieties of flamenco including sevillanas, soleares, malagueñas, and seguidillas and the traditional dances jota aragonesa, fandangos and rumba.

Designed for Higher Beginner or Lower Intermediate students, this highly interactive class will give you the chance to strengthen your communicative skills through such activities as doing research and presenting your findings, analyzing lyrics to representative songs, and enjoying stimulating class discussion as you become familiar with the musical expressions of Spain’s rich musical culture.

The course will be taught by Tierra instructor Isabel López, a native of the Spanish region of Almería, who will help students gain insight into the fascinating musical traditions of her homeland. A broad range of resources including song recordings, visual aids, articles, and videos will provide stimuli for discussion in this unique and participative cultural immersion course.

Best suited for: Students who have completed Spanish Beginner 4, Beginner 5, Intermediate 1, or Intermediate 2 or equivalent

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