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Spanish Intermediate I

Course Description: This first intermediate-level course in Spanish is recommended for those who successfully completed all of our Beginner series, or who have previously studied Spanish and are able to comfortably converse in the present tense in Spanish. This course introduces students to new verb tenses including the future tense, and the two past tenses (preterite and imperfect), greatly boosting your ability to have discussiones regarding the present, future, and past.

Intermediate 1 also provides grammar review of topics covered previously, and opportunities to learn new vocabulary and expand your cultural awareness.

Prerequisite: Spanish Beginner V or equivalent

Duration: Intensive series - 5 weeks (2 classes/week) or Regular series - 10 weeks (1 class/week)

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Course Outline:

Grammar Topics Studied:
1) The future tense
2) Irregular verbs in the future tense (haré, vendrá, podremos ...)
3) Irregular IR verbs with one vowel change in the present tense (servir, conseguir, impedir, repetir ...)
4) The neutral demonstrative (esto, eso)
5) Comparative adjectives (es más alto que, es menos difícil que ...)
6) Preterite tense conjugation, regular verbs
7) The concept of preterite & imperfect (comí vs comía, habló vs hablaba)
8) Irregular verbs in the imperfect - era, iba, veía 
9) Basic usages of the preterite and imperfect tenses

Key Vocabulary:
1) The environment and nature
2) Travel
3) Personality traits

Required Textbook: Bregstein, Barbara; Easy Spanish Step by Step; McGraw Hill ed. 2005