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Spanish Intermediate I

Course Description: While our five Beginner levels introduce students to a wide range of structures in the present tense, in this first course of our Intermediate series, students will begin to learn the past tenses with a deep dive into the preterite tense. Students will study the conjugation rules of the preterite tense, which include more irregular conjugations than perhaps any other Spanish verb tense, and in doing so will suddenly be capable of having conversations about past events and experiences, a gratifying moment in the Spanish learning process. After taking Intermediate 1, the best next step forward is to take Intermediate 2, where students will study the imperfect tense and begin to learn to compare the usages of these two past tenses and how they work together to narrate any story or past event.

Prerequisite: Spanish Beginner V or placement test recommendation of Intermediate I

Duration: Intensive series - 5 weeks (2 classes/week) or Regular series - 10 weeks (1 class/week)

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Grammar Topics Studied:

1) Review: Ser, Estar & Hay
2) Verbs like Gustar
3) Preterite: regular verbs
4) Preterite: stem-changing verbs
5) Time expressions with Hacer
6) Usage of Acabar de
7) Preterite: verbs with spelling changes
8) Preterite: irregular verbs

Required Textbook: Bregstein, Barbara; Easy Spanish Step by Step; McGraw Hill ed. 2005