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Beginner 1 Review & Practice

Course Description: This highly participative course provides a chance for students who have previously taken our Beginner 1 course (or who are recommended Beginner 2 after taking our placement exam) to practice the structures covered in that level. The main structures practiced are noun/adjective agreement, how to conjugate and when to use the verbs "ser" and "estar" for “to be”, and how to use "hay" to express “there is”/ “there are”. These structures will be briefly reviewed and then practiced with dynamic conversational  activities and games, while the instructor provides abundant feedback and supports each student in their learning journey. Students will practice describing people and places, observing images and explaining what there is in the image, and completing oral exercises to compare and contrast when to use “ser”, “estar” or “hay”,  structures that can be tricky even for more advanced students. After completing this course, students will be better prepared to move on to the Beginner 2 level.

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed Spanish Beginner 1 or equivalent.

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