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High Intermediate - Subjunctive Mood Workshop

Course Description: In this special workshop, students will review one of the most elusive topics for Spanish learners - the subjunctive mood. Through engaging exercises and conversational activities, you will explore a variety of usages of the subjunctive and deepen your understanding of the reasons the subjunctive or indicative mood is used in different situations. The objective of this course is to take you to the heart of the subjunctive, helping you to feel the change in tone when it is used and understand the contexts in which it is necessary. The course will include examples and practice with both the present and past subjunctive and is designed for students who have previously studied both structures.

Homework assignments will include exercises, reading, and writing activities designed to reinforce the concepts discussed in class. A perfect option for higher intermediate students who find that although you’ve studied the subjunctive mood before, it remains a challenging and sometimes confusing aspect of Spanish grammar - this course will provide clear explanations and focused practice that will strengthen your knowledge base and boost your confidence in speaking and writing in Spanish.

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed Intermediate 5, 6, or an Advanced course or been recommended Intermediate 6 or Advanced courses.

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