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Advanced Practice & Conversation

Course Description: Our Advanced Practice & Conversation course provides students with ample experience learning Spanish the opportunity to review the most challenging concepts and polish their Spanish skills. This course will provide a more detailed and thorough study of grammar structures such as the present and past subjunctive, compound tenses, and pronominal verbs among other important topics, as well as a wide-ranging exploration of idioms and common pitfalls. Given the wide range of grammatical structures and devices that could be reviewed or analyzed in more depth, the selection of topics studied will be based on the specific needs and interests of the students enrolled in the group.

This course provides opportunities for students to practice their skills in contextual conversations and assignments with a wide range of Spanish immersion activities including readings, writing assignments, and guided discussion about diverse cultural and social topics in Latin America and around the world. The ultimate goal is to refine students’ skills in all areas: speaking, writing, and written/oral comprehension through a balanced use of grammar study and engaging cultural manifestations of the Spanish language.

Best suited for: Students who’ve previously completed Intermediate 6 or been recommended an Advanced course.

Duration: 10 weeks (1 class/week)

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