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Intermediate Conversation: Practice Spanish with Mexican music

Course Description: In this engaging “Conversation and Culture” course, students will strengthen their Spanish comprehension and speaking skills by listening to and studying the lyrics of a variety of songs by different Mexican artists. By giving students the opportunity to closely observe particular language structures such as verb tenses or idiomatic expressions as they are used in lyrical compositions, this class will help students to expand their vocabulary and improve their understanding and listening skills in Spanish. At the same time, they’ll enjoy hearing a wide range of musical styles, ranging from traditional music to contemporary or more modern examples of Mexican music.

Listening to representative songs and analyzing the lyrics, we’ll immerse ourselves in a new realm of Spanish comprehension, enabling us to discover new ideas and feelings communicated through the sound of words and music.

Designed for intermediate students, this course will give you the opportunity to practice using Spanish in stimulating group discussion while you are exposed to the rich diversity of musical culture in Mexico!

Best suited for: Students who have completed Spanish Spanish Intermediate 2, Intermediate 3, or Intermediate 4 courses or equivalent.

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