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Spanish Intermediate II

Course Description: This course is designed to help students who’ve previously been introduced to the preterite and imperfect conjugations and basic usages to expand their ability to use theses two past tenses. It is recommended for anyone who has completed at least Intermediate I, or has previously studied the present and past tenses in Spanish.

Students will enjoy a highly-interactive learning environment with many opportunities to practice skills and participate in stimulating conversational activities. Instructors complement the grammar study with reading exercises, writing assignments, songs, and abundant conversation.

Prerequisite: Spanish Intermediate I  or equivalent

Duration: Intensive series - 5 weeks (2 classes/week) or Regular series - 10 weeks (1 class/week)

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Course Outline:

Grammar Topics Studied:
1) Preterite and imperfect - review basic uses  (comí vs comía, habló vs hablaba)
2) Using preterite and imperfect in the same sentence
3) Ir a” in the preterite and imperfect (Fui a, iba a)
4) Stem-change in the preterite (e-i) (pidieron, se divirtieron, lo sintieron...)
5) Spelling changes in the preterite
6) Comparison of irregular verbs (present and past tenses)
7) Imperfect for reported speech (ella dijo que venía a la fiesta...)
8) Past participle
9) Present perfect - conjugations and usages

Key Vocabulary:
1) The marketplace
2) The city & the country
3) Expressing preferences

Required Textbook: There is no required textbook for this class. Your instructor will provide all class materials.