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Conversation and Culture: Intermediate - La Música Latinoamericana

Stretch your knowledge of Spanish and culture with a musical journey across Latin America...

Course Description: In this engaging “Conversation and Culture” course, students will strengthen their Spanish comprehension and speaking skills through an exploration of Latin American music, celebrated worldwide for it’s myriad of traditional and folkloric music styles.

By becoming familiar with musical rhythms and instruments native to a variety of countries and investigating the lives and historical context of pioneering artists, students will gain deep insight into the importance of music in culture and language. Listening to representative songs and analyzing the lyrics, we’ll immerse ourselves into a new realm of Spanish comprehension, enabling us to discover profound ideas and feelings communicated through the sound of words and music. From poetic metaphors of love and disenchantment in “el bolero” and “el tango” to the protest songs denouncing social injustice and telling of historical heroes’ exploits in “los corridos”.

Designed for students with Intermediate Spanish skills, this course will give you the opportunity to practice using Spanish through individual research, oral presentations, readings, videos, and group discussion. Join us on this rythmic journey and deepen your knowledge of the rich diversity of musical culture south of the U.S. border!

Best suited for: Spanish Intermediate I or above

Duration: 10 weeks (1 class/week) 

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