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Conversation and Culture: Advanced - Época de Oro del Cine Mexicano

EnamoradaCourse Description: In this ten class multimedia seminar, we will explore some of the most representative works from Mexican’s golden era of cinema (1936 - 1957), a period of Mexican history in which unparalleled prosperity and growth was accompanied by a boom in the national film industry producing hundreds of masterpieces that rivaled the best films around the world. These films showcased social realities of every sector of society, from the new sophistication of the  urban middle class to the debilitating marginalization of the indigenous and poor. The movies captured the language, customs, values, and way of life of their era and reflected the national pride that has marked Mexican culture. The films of the golden age enjoyed enormous popularity across the Spanish-speaking world and the filmmakers and actors they launched into stardom remain revered cultural icons.

This course will provide advanced Spanish speakers with the opportunity to polish their listening and speaking skills while obtaining a new and deeper understanding of Mexican culture and history that perhaps no other medium could provide. Together we’ll analyze the language and themes of these classic films as we explore how universal narratives connect with uniquely Mexican perspectives.

Best suited for: Spanish Advanced I or above

10 weeks (1 class/week)

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