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Advanced: Contemporary Mexican Women Writers

Course Description: In this engaging cultural immersion course, students will enjoy reading a short story each week by a variety of contemporary Mexican women authors such as Brenda Lozano, Laia Jufresa, Brenda Navarro, and Ángeles Mastretta. Students will read the short stories for homework and spend each class session retelling the stories, discussing their responses and perspectives on the main themes and messages of each story, and discussing any questions or doubts they have about the vocabulary or grammar structures used in the readings.

Through reading selected stories by these contemporary women writers who have achieved success in the literary world, students will have a chance to become familiar with new authors and to discuss modern life with all of its challenges and contradictions from the perspective of a wide variety of characters painted by these talented, often young, authors.

Designed for advanced students with a high level of comprehension and speaking ability, this course will provide you with the venue in which to practice your reading and speaking skills at a challenging level, expand your vocabulary, and enjoy stimulating discussion with other enthusiastic students. All reading materials will be provided in class.

Best suited for: Students who have completed at least Spanish Intermediate 6 or been recommended Advanced courses.

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