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High Int-Advanced Short Story Seminar: Chicano Voices

Course Description: In this unique seminar-style course, students will examine Chicano identity and perspectives through the lens of short stories by Mexican-Americans. We will enjoy reading and discussing stories in their original Spanish form by a variety of acclaimed Chicano authors such as Miguel Méndez, Rosaura Sánchez, Tomás Rivera, Sabine Ulibarrí and Rolando Hinojosa.

The short stories chosen represent the diverse experiences and rich cultural identity shared by those whose lives and heritage have roots on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border - from migrant farm-workers who toil in a nation that often proves crueler to them than dreams had promised to those who've lived for many generations on land that, while part of the U.S. today, was before Mexican territory. Through fictional narration, the stories offer us reflections on the borders, sometimes physical and other times metaphorical, that divide nations and neighbors. Particular in their exploration of Chicano culture, identity, and language, these stories are also universal in nature, delving into such themes as family and generational changes, the search for community, the injustice of inequality, hope, loss, faith, and love.

Designed for high intermediate or advanced students, this course will provide you an opportunity to discover fascinating literature, expand your vocabulary, and enjoy stimulating and lively discussion while deepening your understanding of Mexican-American culture.

Best suited for: Students who have completed Higher Intermediate or Advanced courses or equivalent.

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