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Engaging once-weekly conversational courses for nearly every level!

Practice using the Spanish structures you’ve learned thus far in one of our highly-interactive once-weekly conversational courses this Mid-Winter Term! These courses are designed to give you abundance opportunities to practice speaking and listening through group discussion about a wide range of topics, while expanding your vocabulary and improving accuracy.

All of these conversational courses are  “regular” courses, meeting once-weekly for 5 weeks

High Beginner Practice & Conversation Instructor: Carolina NEW Group!!
For students who’ve completed Beginner 4 or 5 (or equivalent) who are familiar with reflexive verbs and object pronouns.
Wednesdays | 5:30-7:20pm | February 16th - March 16th 

Conversational Spanish 1 Instructor: Roselia
For high beginner students who are familiar with reflexive verbs and object pronouns, but haven’t yet learned to use both past tenses.
Fridays | 12:00-1:50pm | February 18th - March 18th

Conversational Spanish 2 Instructor: Colleen
For intermediate students who’ve learned at least the two past tenses, and perhaps also the perfect tenses and subjunctive mood.
Wednesdays | 7:30-9:20pm| February 16th - March 16th