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High Beginner Practice & Conversation

Course Description: This fun and engaging course provides students the chance to review a range of important structures in the present tense and focus on using these structures with conversational practice activities.   Highly participative, each topic will be briefly reviewed and then practiced with a wide range of dynamic activities and games, while the instructor provides useful feedback and supports each student in their learning journey! By solidifying your understanding of the high beginning structures reviewed in this course you'll get a boost in confidence that will prepare you to begin learning the past tenses in our Intermediate series.

Topics will vary based on the instructor’s analysis of students’ learning needs. Possible topics include:

  • Contrasting uses of ser and estar
  • Regular and Irregular verb conjugation in the present tense
  • Usage of direct object pronouns
  • Usage of indirect object pronouns
  • Usage of reflexive verbs
  • The future with “ir a” and present progressive tense

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed Spanish Beginner 5 or equivalent.

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