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Higher Intermediate Book Seminar - “Senderos Fronterizos”

Senderos FronterizosCourse Description: In this engaging seminar-style course, students will read and study the collection of short stories “Senderos Fronterizos”, the second in the award-winning autobiographical trilogy by Spanish professor and chicano author Francisco Jiménez. In this volume, Panchito narrates his youth and adolescence in mid-20th century rural California, toiling alongside his family as a migrant farm-worker while striving to excel in school and pursue a brighter future. The stories personalize the experiences of millions of campesinos who perform arduous labor in often brutal conditions to provide the bounty of fruits and vegetables for mass consumption while they struggle with such obstacles as food insecurity, unsanitary living conditions, lack of access to basic services, and the constant threat of deportation. Jiménez artfully describes these challenges in a manner void of anger or self-pity and demonstrates through his heartfelt and sincere stories how strong will, hard work, and a never-ending supply of hope are the universal keys to overcoming adversity.

Enjoy lively discussion about the themes of the book while boosting your vocabulary and sharpening your Spanish comprehension and conversation skills!

Prerequisite: Spanish Intermediate IV or equivalent. While this course is a continuation of the Cajas de Cartón course, it is not necessary to have taken that course or to have read the first book to get the most out of Senderos Fronterizos.

10 weeks (1 class/week)

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