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Preterite & Imperfect Workshop

Course Description: In this unique  workshop, students will review how the two past tenses are used  in Spanish and enjoy abundant opportunities to put their knowledge to practice. A topic that is a challenge for all Spanish learners to master, the differences between the preterite and imperfect tenses can be subtle, yet are automatic for native speakers. The objective of this course is to build authentic understanding of concepts that are often memorized, but misunderstood. Through straightforward explanations and focused conversational exercises, students will strengthen their grasp of the contexts and triggers that cause a speaker or writer to use one tense or the other. A perfect option for Intermediate students who find that although you’ve studied the two past tenses before, it remains a challenging and sometimes confusing aspect of Spanish grammar - this course will strengthen your knowledge base and boost your confidence in speaking and writing in Spanish.

Prerequisites: Completion of our Intermediate 2 course OR previous experience with the conjugations and usages of the past tenses. Not recommended for Higher Intermediate & Advanced students.

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