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Book Seminar: Lilus Kikus

Course Description: In this engaging literary immersion course, students will have the opportunity to read the first book renowned Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska  published  over six decades ago. Within the vast literary work Poniatowska has produced, this book, due to its brevity and welcoming style, provides an inspiring read for Spanish students and an excellent introduction to the author’s works. Composed of 12 short chapters, each encompassing a different adventure in the life of a girl named Lilus Kikus, the stories present the world as it is seen by its endlessly curious and wildly imaginative protagonist. A passionate explorer, Lilus’ perceptive and inquisitive manner invites readers to reflect on how each of us maps and defines the world we discover.

This course will give you the opportunity to continue polishing your Spanish comprehension and conversation skills as we discuss and analyze the values and visions shared in the text. It will also help you boost your Spanish vocabulary with a wide range of new words, phrases and useful idiomatic expressions commonly heard in colloquial Mexican speech. All reading materials will be provided in class.

Best suited for: Students who have previously taken our Intermediate 4 course or have studied all verb tenses in both the indicative and subjunctive moods in Spanish.

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