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Corridos de la Revolución Mexicana

Course Description: In this advanced cultural immersion course, students will have the opportunity to learn about the Mexican Revolution (1910-1921), the first significant social revolution of the 20th century. We will gain insight  into the history of that era in Mexico through the music and lyrics of some of the most representative corridos written during  the revolution.

The “corrido” is a popular narrative song that poetically retells historical events and their main character's exploits following the old tradition of the Spanish “romance” or  French “chanson de geste”. In Mexico, that tradition flourished and evolved lyrically and musically into a unique movement that produced, particularly during the times of the revolution, an interminable flow of memorable corridos which would become a living testimony that still is being studied today.

Designed for students with advanced reading and speaking ability, this course will give you the opportunity to continue polishing your comprehension and conversation skills as we listen to and analyze corridos from the Mexican Revolution. In an engaging and highly participatory seminar style, we'll enjoy multi-media presentations and group discussions exploring the language and content of the corridos, as well as the historical context.

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed at least Spanish Intermediate 5 or equivalent

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