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High Intermediate Practice & Conversation

Course Description: This engaging and highly participatory course is designed to help higher intermediate students who’ve learned to use Spanish structures such as the past tenses, perfect tenses, and the subjunctive mood to strengthen their skills by reviewing structures they’ve previously studied and using them in conversational practice. The topics covered vary and are selected based on the specific learning needs and interests of the students enrolled in the group.

Along with focused grammar review, students practice their skills in contextual conversations and assignments with a wide range of Spanish immersion activities including readings, writing assignments, and guided discussion about diverse cultural and social topics in Latin America and around the world. The ultimate goal is to refine students’ skills in all areas: speaking, writing, and written/oral comprehension while simultaneously providing a venue for engaging cultural learning.

Prerequisite: Students who’ve completed at least Intermediate 4 or equivalent.

Duration: 10 weeks (1 class/week)

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