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High Intermediate - Object Pronoun Workshop

Course Description: In this course higher intermediate students who’ve learned a range of verb tenses and the present subjunctive mood will have a chance to solidify their understanding of one of the trickiest grammar structures in Spanish - direct and indirect object pronouns. Those wily “le”s and “lo”s and “se lo”s that can cause so much confusion for Spanish learners. You’ll review how to identify whether a verb needs an object pronoun, soak in examples abundant pronoun use in songs and literature, and focus on practicing using them in conversations about a wide range of subjects. The main goal will be to deepen your understanding of how these structures work in Spanish, how they are similar or different to the corresponding structures in English, and to sharpen your speaking skills so that you can use object pronouns correctly and swiftly in any conversation!

Prerequisites: Completion of our Intermediate 4 course or equivalent.

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