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Advanced Conversation: Fiestas Tradicionales Mexicanas

Course Description: In this highly interactive cultural immersion course, students will dive into learning about some of the most fascinating Mexican traditions and cultural events such as Guelaguetza (Oaxaca), La Danza de los Parachicos (Chiapas), La Tigrada (Guerrero) and how Día de Muertos and Semana Santa are celebrated in various regions.  You will learn about the origins of each tradition within the context of Mexico’s pre-hispanic and colonial heritage, and will analyze the sociocultural diversity among Mexico’s regions as reflected in these traditional celebrations. Through learning about the significance of each celebration and its cultural manifestations, students will gain valuable insight into the rich and diverse cultural panorama of Mexico.

Designed for advanced students, this stimulating conversational course will give you the opportunity to practice your Spanish speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills through relevant readings, individual research, and engaging group discussion.

Prerequisites: Students who’ve previously completed Intermediate 6 or been recommended an Advanced course.

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