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Advanced Conversation: Mexican Stories and Legends

Course Description: In this highly interactive cultural immersion course, students with advanced Spanish skills will deepen their cultural understanding while honing their comprehension and conversation skills by reading and discussing legends from Mexican cultures across the ages. With such a rich and fascinating literary inheritance, these stories provide an excellent point of departure for gaining insight into the way of life and culture of the peoples of Mexico. Many of the stories come from indigenous, Pre-Hispanic cultures, while others are more modern.

In each class session, students will together analyze the messages and themes of the stories read, as well as refine their understanding of the vocabulary and structures used in the texts. Through this fascinating exploration of story and mythology, students will discover emblematic landmarks, cultural icons, and elements of Mexican identity. With stimulating class discussion that will invite students to thoughtfully reflect on the themes of each story as they continue to strengthen their ability to express complex ideas in Spanish, this course will be illuminating for anyone interested in Mexican culture.

Best suited for: Students who have completed or been recommended an Advanced course at Tierra.

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