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Advanced: Activistas sociales en Latinoamerica

Course Description: In this highly interactive cultural immersion course, students will expand their cultural horizons by exploring the lives of some of the most notable social activists in Latin America. Whether fighting for indigenous rights, environmental justice, political change, against gender violence, drug violence, or a number of other issues, these brave leaders are an inspiration and their stories, a window into complex issues. Not for the faint of heart, too many of their stories are tragic as impune violence against social activists plagues the region. The goal of the course will be to give students insight into patterns of oppression across Latin America and ways in which popular social movements and their leaders challenge the status quo while sharpening student’s conversational Spanish skills and vocabulary base.

Designed for advanced students, this conversational course will give you the opportunity to practice your Spanish speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills through relevant readings, individual research, and engaging group discussion.

Best suited for: Students who’ve previously completed Intermediate 6 or been recommended an Advanced course.

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