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Advanced Immersion - Relatos de la Revolución Mexicana

Course Description: The Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) had such a profound impact on Mexican society, it would not be an exaggeration to define it as the origin and source of contemporary Mexico. As the first great revolution of the 20th century, to be followed by the Russian and Chinese revolutions, its significance is universal. In this advanced cultural immersion course, students will have the opportunity to gain insight  into the history of that era in Mexico by exploring its main events and actors through short readings, videos, documentaries, music and lively discussion.

We will talk in depth about two famous journalists from Portland, Oregon who lived and experienced first hand important events before and during the Mexican Revolution. The first one, John Kenneth Turner traveled to Yucatán to investigate the brutal labor system in the Haciendas there, he compiled all his accounts in his book "Barbarous Mexico". The second one, John Reed, was sent to Mexico in 1913 by the Metropolitan Magazine to report on the Mexican Revolution. He tagged along with a group of revolutionaries from Villa's army for four months and was at the great battle of Torreon when the Villistas took that city from the Federal army. Reed gained a national reputation as a war correspondent, his reports were collected and published in the book "Insurgent Mexico"

Designed for students with advanced speaking ability, this course will give you the opportunity to continue polishing your comprehension and conversation skills. In an engaging and highly participatory seminar style, we'll enjoy multimedia presentations and group discussions as we pursue deeper insight into the relevance and historical impact of the Mexican Revolution.

Best suited for: Students who've previously completed or tested into an Advanced course at Tierra

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