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Advanced Conversation: Art and Culture in the News

Course Description: In this highly interactive course, advanced students will have the opportunity to sharpen their skills by reading and discussing newspaper and magazine articles from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries on the topics of art and culture. The informative text of the articles will provide myriad examples of the Spanish structures students have spent their Spanish learning journeys studying, applied in everyday usage with a rich array of frequently used words and expressions.

The course will be conversational in style as students express their opinions and impressions about the events and situations they discover, narrate stories, share about topics they research, and follow the thread the analysis of the texts leads them to. They will be introduced to new artists, cultural activities, places of interest, and links between art and activism which will widen students’ cultural knowledge and stimulate authentic communication in Spanish about meaningful issues.

Prerequisites: Students who’ve previously completed Intermediate 6 or been recommended an Advanced course.

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