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Advanced Book Seminar - "Mujeres de ojos grandes"

Mujeres de ojos grandesCourse Description: In this highly-interactive seminar-style course, students will enjoy the opportunity to read and discuss the short stories in the collection “Mujeres de ojos grandes” by the contemporary Mexican author Ángeles Mastretta.

Each chapter is a short story in which the protagonists are women in mid-century Puebla, Mexico, each of them in their own unique way questioning the limitations of the traditional roles assigned to women and seeking independence and liberation. Written by the author for her daughter who was suffering from severe illness, Mastretta seeks to demonstrate the strength and determination of women who blaze their own trail and rebel against the unrealistic expectations for them to be perfect in all things domestic and perfectly domestic. There are 35 short stories, each narrating the story of a different “tía”, the stories of the many “aunts” whose big personalities and great adventures make this collection of stories highly readable and entertaining.

Designed for advanced students, this course will provide you with the venue in which to practice your reading and speaking skills at a challenging level, expand your vocabulary, and enjoy stimulating discussion with other enthusiastic students.

Students can find a copy of the book for purchase at the following online retailers:

Powell's link
Amazon link (print copy or kindle available)

Best suited for: Students who have completed or been recommended an Advanced course at Tierra.

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