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September 2019 - Becky Burrell

A student who puts great effort into her Spanish studies, Becky has been extremely committed to her twice-weekly morning classes for over a year and a half. She arrives early, ready-to-go, brings kindness and laughter to the classroom, forms strong connections with her compañeros, and makes a significant investment of time studying on her own and completing class assignments with creativity and thoughtfulness.  A master gardener, a discussion with Becky often begets new plant vocabulary, and she is generous in sharing the bounty of her harvest with appreciative classmates. The same patience, curiosity, and inner strength that bring her great success in the garden inform her attitude as a student of Spanish - she is perseverant and at peace with her learning process, whatever challenges it may bring. We are delighted to have Becky as party of our community at Tierra and look forward to continuing to marvel at the fruits of her labor.

Name: Becky Burrell
Occupation: Mental Health Therapist, retired
Time studying at Tierra: Since January of 2018

1) Why are you studying Spanish?

"I am studying at Tierra for a few reasons. I have traveled in Mexico several times and tried learning on my own and the results left something to be desired. Then I tried some community college continuing education courses and didn't feel confident that I would be able to communicate well in Spanish speaking countries. A couple of years ago I stopped by the Tierra booth at a street fair and Elyse sold me. Tierra has given me the confidence and communication skills I have been looking for. I also study to keep my mind active and to talk with Spanish speakers in the community."

2) What is your favorite part about your experience here at Tierra?

"My favorite part about my experience at Tierra has been Laura's entertaining teaching style and the supportive learning environment she provides. I also enjoy the interactions with my fellow students and all the  stories they have to tell. I have made some strong connections with them and in the past, we have had potluck intercambios. Another high point was last summer when I had a conversation course with Elyse who provided her interesting perspective and materials."

3) Can you tell us of a time you have been able to use what you have learned studying here?

"I have had numerous occasions to use what I have learned around the neighborhood with our service providers. When we were having our house remodeled it came in very handy. Another time, some neighbors had met a nanny from Mexico but she didn't speak English and they didn't speak Spanish so I interviewed her and negotiated for them. I also like to use my learning in restaurants and look forward to using my skills when I travel."

¡Felicidades Becky!