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May 2019 - Emily Ketola

With a sunny disposition and endless enthusiasm, Emily’s commitment to her Monday evening Spanish classes is extraordinary. She’s been steadfast, advancing through the levels with her favorite teacher Cecy, almost never missing a class, and has made gaining Spanish skills a high priority in her life. Her passion for learning has been kindled by love as she’s devoted to raising her son in a bilingual and bi-cultural home and connecting on a deeper level with her in-laws in Mexico. She also takes advantage of every opportunity to speak Spanish in her workplace where she's a clinic manager; her dedication to practicing her skills ensures she is always making progress. A kind and compassionate classmate, we are thrilled to have Emily as part of our community at Tierra and have no doubt that she will go far in her quest for fluency.


Name:  Emily Ketola
Occupation: Clinic manager at behavioral health clinic
Time studying at Tierra:  Non-stop since fall 2017, plus two classes in 2014

1) Why are you studying Spanish?

"I have wanted to learn and improve my Spanish for many years. My husband speaks Spanish and both of his parents grew up and live in Mexico. My motivation to learn Spanish grew even more this past year when I had a son, as we want to raise him in a bilingual household. I love singing songs and reading books in Spanish with him. He is one of my greatest motivators to learn and continue studying".

2) What is your favorite part about your experience here at Tierra?

"I attended my first class at Tierra about five years ago. I started with Beginner 1 and have continued to move through the class levels. I enjoy the variety of people I get to meet and especially enjoy when my classmates progress in the class levels with me. I always look for the courses with Cecy and appreciate her fun and engaging teaching style. Even after a long day, I look forward to her evening classes!"

3) Can you tell us of a time you have been able to use what you have learned studying here?

"I have the opportunity to use my Spanish every day, both at home and at work. I know it is up to me to practice, practice, practice. When possible, I speak Spanish with my husband, son, and in-laws. I work with many colleagues who speak Spanish and get the chance to hear different dialects and accents. As I have progressed with my understanding of the language, I have enjoyed the chance to have more enriching conversations with others. I even included some Spanish vows at my wedding, which I could not have done without the help from Cecy and my time at Tierra."

¡Felicidades Emily!