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December 2015 - Andrew Swan

With his affable nature and penchant for humor, Andrew’s participation in Spanish class helps to create a fun learning environment, full of laughter and camaraderie. A notably dedicated student, he began at Tierra in our Beginner Review & Practice level and, through serious commitment to his twice-weekly courses, has advanced to become a Higher Intermediate student in less than a year! Always present, always on time, and always extra-prepared, Andrew ekes time out of his busy schedule to take advantage of his Spanish studies to the fullest. With dreams of extended travel, we’re certain his impressive progress is only the beginning of a Spanish-learning journey that will take him far!


Name: Andrew Swan
Occupation: LegalShield Independent Associate
Time Studying at Tierra: 9 months

Why are you studying Spanish?

"I’ve always had a fascination towards the latin culture. It’s been a dream of mine to backpack across South and Central America and so, when I do, I want to be able to immerse myself into the culture. Also, the ladies like a man that can woo them in Spanish. That’s always a plus."

What is your favorite part about your experience here at Tierra?

"The people. I love that the students are here because they want to be. I love the small, intimate class size. I love the personality, enthusiasm, and fun that the teachers provide. Learning should be a fun experience, and Tierra Center delivers."

Can you tell us of a time you have been able to use what you have learned studying here?

"I was hanging out at a lounge when two men across from me started speaking in Spanish. Naturally, my ears perked up and I eavesdropped on their conversation. I was thrilled when I realized I was able to understand almost everything they said. Unfortunately, one of the men’s stories ended with a joke and I laughed out loud at the punchline revealing to them that I had been listening. Oops."

¡Felicidades Andrew!