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April 2018 - Rian Sackett

With great zeal for learning Spanish and an infectiously positive attitude, Rian’s presence energizes any class he’s in. Motivated by a strong desire to communicate with native Spanish-speakers and expand his cultural horizons, he takes every opportunity to practice - watching television and movies in Spanish, listening to music, and engaging locals in conversation when traveling, often bringing new words he’s picked up to share in class. Kind and supportive with a playful sense of humor, he revels in the camaraderie established in small-group classes. We are delighted to count Rian as part of our community at Tierra, and look forward to continuing to enjoy his company and see his skills blossom.


Name:  Rian Sackett
Occupation: Engineer
Time Studying at Tierra: Since January 2017.

1) Why are you studying Spanish?

"I like meeting and talking with new people. Learning Spanish opens up another half a billion people to know".

"Getting more personal, I like getting out of my routine. I enjoy learning about other cultures and expanding life’s possibilities. I also highly respect bilingual people and their ability to navigate people and places. With the help of Tierra, I hope to be good at those things too".

2) What is your favorite part about your experience here at Tierra?

"I have enjoyed the people and the atmosphere for learning. It is informal but serious. The teachers are dedicated to their students’ success. I also appreciate the diverse backgrounds of all the teachers. Tierra truly provides a cultural education as well as a technical one".

3) Can you tell us of a time you have been able to use what you have learned studying here?

"I was able to listen to a song I like and pick up on some of the lyrics. Same goes for watching a movie in Spanish. I recently went on vacation to Mexico and spoke Spanish whenever I could. I ended up in a conversation with a guy from Guadalajara, also talking to a guy from Spain and was able to hang in the conversation. That experience tested my ear, but was fun and validated why I enjoy learning at Tierra".

¡Felicidades Rian!