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Spanish Intermediate III

Course Description: In this course, intermediate students will move beyond the past tenses to learn new vital structures. From the present and past perfect to the future tense and an introduction to the present subjunctive mood, this course will significantly expand students’ ability to discuss events and share stories. The grammar structures studied are learned through engaging exercises and conversational practice.

This highly-interactive course will include abundant opportunities to practice general oral and written communication skills as the topics studied will be reinforced with reading exercises, writing assignments, songs, and stimulating conversation.

Prerequisite: Spanish Intermediate II or equivalent

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Course Outline:

1) Review: past participles and present perfect
2) Pluperfect
3) Preterit, Imperfect and Pluperfect compared
4) Review: Prepositions, "por" and "para"
5) Future Tense: Regular verbs
6) Future Tense: Irregular verbs
7) Conditional
8) Introduction to the Present Subjunctive

Required Textbook: There is no required textbook for this class. Your instructor will provide all class materials.

Reference Book: Maqueo, Ana María; Español para Extranjeros 2; Limusa 2da. edición, 2013