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Registration Form - Spanish Classes for Children and Youth


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First & Last Name
First & Last Name
First & Last Name
Please select the class you want to enroll your child.
Please select the class you want to enroll your child.
Please select the class you want to enroll your child.

Refund Policy:
Due to the organizational effort of creating small group classes and the need to ensure enough students will participate to hold the class, your payment is refundable minus a $50 administrative fee only with notice of a minimum of 72 hours before the start date of the class. We are not able to provide any refunds less than 72 hours before the start date or after the class has begun. Spanish classes for children and youth require a minimum of 5 students to take place; in the event that there are not enough students registered, a class may be cancelled and parents will be refunded in full.

Missed Class Policy: We are not able to arrange for anyone to make up a class by attending a different group class where the student is not enrolled. 

Photo Policy:
Tierra reserves the right to take photos/screenshots of children's classes and to use these photos on our website and in promotional materials. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please let us know.

Online Classes Agreement:  

A. It is the responsibility of each parent or guardian to provide the student with the required equipment and internet setup in order to connect to our online classes offered through the platform ZOOM. We strongly recommend that students test their equipment before connecting to their class and that they become  familiar with the Zoom app or client software. You can find useful links and information on how to do this here.

B. The Internet is inherently an unpredictable environment and therefore there may be from time to time unexpected interruptions, decrease in the quality of the connection, or a complete disruption of the service. Depending on the severity of any such event happening TEC will try to reschedule a class if it is deemed necessary, however this can’t always be guaranteed. Parents won’t be entitled to any refunds due to unexpected system downtimes or interruptions. We appreciate your understanding.

C. Students should follow video conference etiquette guidelines, for example to have an appropriate space free of noise or other distractions and stay in that space for the duration of the class. They should mute their microphone when there may be background noise in their space, and become familiar with the Zoom meeting controls software before taking the class. Be respectful and polite with their classmates and closely follow directions given by the instructor. Taking these considerations will enable everyone to have a pleasant online experience. Non-compliant students may be asked to leave the class.

D. No warranties: TEC makes no warranties that the online class will meet the students' needs or that the platform (ZOOM) we use to establish our online meetings will be uninterrupted, error-free, or secure. Parent/guardian agrees that any damage that may occur to the student, through their computer or device used to connect to their class, or as a result of loss of their data from their participation in the Online class is the students sole responsibility and that we are not liable for any such damage or loss.

Please contact us at  or call 503-213-3677 with any questions, concerns, or feedback about our services. 


I, the undersigned being the lawful parent or guardian of the above declared child, hereby consent to the participation
by the child in the Tierra Educational Center Spanish Classes for children (“program”).

The undersigned hereby further releases and holds harmless Tierra Educational Center LLC, and its owners, directors,
officers, advisors, employees, agents, instructors, volunteers and all other persons or entities acting for them from any
and all claims, demands, suits, cost and charges, arising out of or in any way connected with her/his participation in this
program, including but not limited to, personal injury, bodily harm, injury, or property damage occurring while
participating in the program’s activities.