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How to connect to online classes at Tierra:

Laura's online classIn Spring 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, Tierra transitioned all of our classes to an online platform. We’ve successfully continued offering our classes online since then, always gaining new skills and using new tools to make our online classes highly interactive, effective, and enjoyable. Our dedicated instructors take advantage of the wide range of multimedia tools available on the online platform to provide a dynamic classroom experience, which has allowed us to continue to offer our services so that students can expand their Spanish skills while also keeping everyone safe.

We will re-evaluate a return to in-person classes each term and will update our student community through our email announcements. Sign up here for our monthly newsletter to stay informed.

If you are new to Tierra we encourage you to give us the opportunity to show you how even in distance learning our classes are full of warm human interaction and meaningful language learning.

The platform we use to host our Spanish classes online is Zoom. In order to connect you will need a reliable internet connection, laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone with audio and video capabilities.

After you register in a group Spanish class from our current class schedule you will receive a welcome email with a special link and a "Meeting ID" that will be used to access your class. The first time you connect you will need to complete a quick download of Zoom's client software, once this is installed on your device, the process will be as simple as clicking on the link provided every time your class will occur.

It is not required that you create an account with Zoom or purchase any plans in order to join your Spanish class. If you want to be prepared ahead of time or simply test that your device can work with Zoom, you can install Zoom's client software using the following link:

If you want to access your class using your smartphone, then you need to find the Zoom App on your App Store and install it.

Here are some useful links you can use to familiarize yourself with Zoom and how it works:

  • How to join a meeting and the different options to join (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc.):

  • How to join a test meeting to make sure your video and audio devices are working properly (you are highly encouraged to join a test meeting before your class begins so that you have time to troubleshoot if need be):

  • How to test audio and video:

  • How to install Zoom on a Mac (if you are using Safari, you may have to change your  browser security settings):

If you are having trouble with Zoom on a computer, please try using a smartphone, and vice versa.  You can also refer to the Zoom Help Center for specific issues you encounter.

Here are some of the many enthusiastic comments we received from our students about having their class meet online:

"The online classes this week at Tierra were my first experience with this, I was a little hesitant at first, but it was really easy & fun."  - Sally E

"I am grateful to all of you for implementing the technology to make continued classes possible. My classes have been bright spots in a time of anxiety and uncertainty. The classes were engaging and the online platform worked seamlessly for me—a first-time user. It cheered me up to connect with everyone and not feel so isolated, and to do something valuable together." - Lisa W

“I actually love the online format. Looking forward to continuing!” - John T

“I would take online courses from you if you offered them even after this crisis.” - Martha B

“I am very pleased with the Zoom online class.  It is convenient, it works really well, and we can learn from the comfort of our own homes.” - Patty E