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TEC Student of the Month Award

July 2012 - Tom Carter

Tom CarterPassionately committed to service work in Latin America, Tom’s enthusiasm for learning and sense of purpose infuses the classes he joins with positive, joyful energy. After experiencing volunteer trips with medical associations, he founded a non-profit NGO “Agua Pura Para El Pueblo”, dedicated to promoting simple, small-scale methods to help communities and families obtain safe, clean drinking water and improve sanitation. He and his wife Susan frequently travel to Mexico with the organization, where they can be found this month working on projects in Mexico City, Chiapas, and Oaxaca. Tom’s innate curiosity and natural optimism make him an exceptional student of Spanish and Latin American culture, always seeking to expand his ability to communicate with and understand the diverse communities south of our border.

June 2012 - Jacob Lewin

Jacob LewinWith his keen interest in Latino culture and refined sense of humor, Jacob brings fresh perspectives to the Spanish classroom . A retired radio reporter and news director, he continues to do freelance work in radio, often reporting on issues related to hispanics and immigrants and seeking to widen cultural awareness. His wholehearted dedication to giving back to the community can be seen in his volunteer work, tutoring Spanish-speakers with limited educational opportunities in English as a Second Language. A  frequent participant in the ''intercambios'' offered at Multnomah County libraries, Jacob commendably explores every avenue available to practice his language skills and make connections with the Spanish-speaking community.

May 2012 - Danielle McGurrin

Danielle McGurrin
Vivacious and friendly, Danielle's positive energy contributes to creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in any class she joins. She is commendably determined to learn Spanish despite the demands of her academic career and is committed to her studies, often taking a private class when she's been forced to miss class. Having relished the opportunity to communicate with native speakers and explore the city-scapes and volcano-dotted countryside of Guatemala, her adventurous spirit and genuine desire to learn about Latin American culture fuel her dreams of further travels south. Always actively engaged in the class material and quick to ask questions, Danielle embodies the enthusiasm and drive that we at Tierra love to see.

April 2012 - Ryan Hildreth

RyanBrimming with enthusiasm, Ryan - or "Marcos" as he is known to his classmates - began at the Beginner 1 level at Tierra and has been dedicated to learning Spanish ever since. Armed with a pen and a stockpile of index cards, he seems to rejoice at the discovery of new favorite words and phrases. He recently upped the ante by enrolling in a second weekly course, and his determination to advance is evident in his eagerness to practice Spanish with native speakers and fellow students alike. With his ever-present smile and characteristic sense of humor, Ryan has a knack for inspiring laughter and making learning Spanish a more entertaining and memorable experience.


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