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TEC Student of the Month Award

November 2012 - Nancy Bouwsma

Nancy Bouwsma
Nancy is an exceptional student of Spanish, unceasingly dedicated to honing her communication skills and fascinated by all things Latin American. Her warmth and compassion lead to her take every opportunity to reach out to native-speakers, eager to form meaningful relationships and learn from others’ approaches to life. In her travels she’s chosen the less trodden path, seeking authentic experiences and immersing herself completely in Spanish while building lasting friendships with locals. Perhaps most notable in her language-learning trajectory is Nancy’s voracious appetite for reading in Spanish - armed with a dictionary, pen, and highlighter, Nancy revels in the challenge of understanding written Spanish and deepening her cultural knowledge through literature. With such zest and commitment, we feel lucky to count Nancy as part of the Tierra community.

October 2012 - Jacob Carringer

Jacob Carringer


Inquisitive and upbeat, Jacob is an exceptional Spanish student who brings a welcome mix of focused attention and hearty laughs to the classroom. With a writer’s eye for language, his analytical observations and pertinent questions enrich the educational experience for all, while his thoughtful compositions reflect the effort he puts into studying Spanish. Jacob’s amiable nature and positive attitude have led him to form strong bonds with his fellow classmates; eager to use their Spanish skills and deepen their cultural understanding, he and three of his Tierra classmates are heading to Tepotzlán México this month for an intensive week of Spanish studies and cultural immersion. We at Tierra wish them all a ¡Buen Viaje!

September 2012 - Leila Everall

Leila Everall
Already fluent in Farsi and English, Leila’s dedication to mastering her third language stems from her commitment to better serve the Spanish-speaking community: as a chiropractor she has many Spanish-speaking patients whom she helps to overcome pain. She approaches studying Spanish with lighthearted determination and a healthy sense of humor, building camaraderie amongst her classmates and facing challenges with laughter. We at Tierra commend Leila and all healthcare professionals who are motivated to devote time and energy to learning a language by the desire to communicate effectively with the people they treat.


August 2012 - Stephanie Liberman

Stephanie LibermanWith a naturally cheery disposition and endless enthusiasm for learning, Stephanie makes Spanish class more enjoyable for everyone.  Dedicated to the community she serves as an elementary school teacher in Vancouver, WA, her continuing commitment to expand her communication skills and cultural knowledge is fueled by a genuine desire to engage and include her numerous Spanish-speaking students and their families. As a student at Tierra, she energetically contributes to creating a fun, supportive atmosphere and thoughtfully probes into all topics studied. Boundlessly positive and driven, Stephanie is a real boon to the Tierra community.



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