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Student Testimonials

I have loved my time at Tierra for two reasons. First, the teaching (in my case, Elyse) has been exceptional. I have so appreciated her genuine interest in our lives and how good she is at leading conversations deeper and using our questions as one focus for her teaching. Second, Tierra seems to attract thoughtful and interesting people as students who are seeking meaningful experiences in their lives and the knowledge other cultures have to offer.
-Lindy D.

The teachers at Tierra are all of the highest caliber. They're not just content experts, but they all have a deep understanding of the different ways that students learn in the classroom. The curriculum is well thought out and well rounded--a lot of emphasis inside the classroom is spent on oral communication and comprehension, and the teachers accomplish this from the basic to the complex . . . The different layers of learning Spanish are so seamlessly integrated in each lesson that each class feels more like a structured and engaging workshop rather than a more traditional passive classroom experience . . .

We have so much fun in Spanish class that it makes learning fun and exciting. I also really enjoy being able to communicate with people I meet on the streets or at work; I find just making the effort goes a long way with people.
-Ryan H.

I enjoy Laura conversationally. She speaks slowly enough that my ability to understand her is optimized, and makes appropriate interactive corrections in expression and grammar. She is a seasoned teacher!
-Dick C.


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