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Student Testimonials

Laura is great! I love having a native speaker as a teacher and someone who is such an expert at grammar and structure and whose English is also so good!  She is always optimistic and encouraging.
-Gretchen M.

"Laura is funny and so much of a delight to be in class with.  She always promotes questions and is so supporting of all of her students."

“Norberto is great at engaging the class and keeping conversation rolling and progressing. I have a great time in class as well as learn a lot. I really look forward to coming into class each week.”
-MaryRain O.

This is by far the best Spanish class I've taken in Portland!  I really like the casual atmosphere, class size, and balance of instruction and conversation, and I think it's cool that the school hosts monthly events. And, Elyse is a great instructor!  Thanks Tierra!
-Mary L.

“Laura is a wonderful teacher and I have really enjoyed her class!  She is very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.  I will definitely be taking more classes with Tierra!”
-Laura C.

“I am so so pleased with Tierra.  The variety of classes and options offered are perfect for my schedule.... I am already learning a ton and feel a lot more confident in my Spanish after two weeks! Caroline is wonderful and everyone takes it really seriously even though it’s a community night class.  Also two blocks from my house makes it so much more awesome.”
- Sarah N.

Tierra Educational Center has been like family to me, allowing me to grow and excel in my abilities to speak Spanish while being supportive and encouraging, and has provided extremely caring staff and instructors.
-Sam J.

I couldn't be happier with the Spanish class!! I am so thankful I found you! I am looking forward to each class! Muchas gracias to all of you! 
-Susan S.


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