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Viaje por Colombia

Course Description: This  engaging course will provide beginning students the chance to practice using Spanish to communicate meaningful information and expand their cultural horizons. Students will be invited to learn about the culture, food, music, art, festivals, fascinating destinations, and notable people from the beautiful country of Columbia in this 6-class virtual journey. Designed for Beginning students who have previously learned to conjugate verbs in the present tense, this course will provide a vital opportunity to practice the basic structures students have been studying and apply them to reading, listening, and presenting information to the group.

The lively and interesting class discussions will provide ample opportunity for practice, boosting students’ confidence in speaking and listening abilities, and breadth of recognized vocabulary. Each session will include presentations based on student research as well as visual and audio-visual materials that will stimulate conversation in this special course in which we take our virtual trip around Colombia!

Best suited for: Students who have completed Beginner 3, Beginner 4, or Beginner 5 or equivalent.

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