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Intermediate - Object Pronoun Workshop

Course Description: In this course intermediate students who’ve learned at least the past tenses will have a chance to solidify their understanding of one of the trickiest grammar structures in Spanish - direct and indirect object pronouns. Those “le”s and “lo”s and “se lo”s that can cause anxiety and confusion for Spanish learners. You’ll review how to identify whether a verb needs an object pronoun, and have the opportunity to practice using them in conversations about a wide range of subjects. The main goal will be to deepen your understanding of how these structures work in Spanish, how they are similar or different to the corresponding structures in English, and to enjoy abundant conversational practice with a focus on this elusive pillar of Spanish structure.

Engaging and highly interactive, each structure reviewed will be practiced with abundant conversation. Examples of situations in which object pronouns are ubiquitous include describing what or who you see, shopping, discussing gift giving, using verbs of communication such as explaining, teaching, or whispering something, cooking, preparing for a meal or trip, etc. This course aims to help students feel confident using object pronouns in conversation (and recognizing when not to use them as well!)

Prerequisites: Students who’ve completed Spanish Intermediate 1Intermediate 2, Intermediate 3 or equivalent.

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