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Intermediate Conversation - Descubre Sudamérica

Course Description: Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and deepen your cultural understanding in this exciting journey across South America! This conversational course designed for intermediate students will help you hone your speaking and listening skills while gaining insight into fascinating South American cultural landscape. Explore the history, music, cuisine, notable figures, traditions, and travel destinations of several South American countries - itinerary to be determined by you as a group!

Your guide will be talented instructor Lala Ferro, a porteña (person from Buenos Aires, Argentina) who spent a year traveling the continent and has an authentic passion for introducing students to the cultures of Latin America. Through research, class presentations, multi-media resources, and group discussion, this highly participatory course will expand your knowledge about the incredibly diverse and beautiful countries of South America and provide a stimulating setting in which to continue developing your Spanish skills!

Prerequisite: Completion of our Intermediate 1 course OR previous experience with the conjugations and usages of the past tenses. Not recommended for Advanced students.

Duration:  10 weeks (1 class/week)

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