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Higher Intermediate - Common Spanish Pitfalls

Course Description: This engaging and highly participatory course is designed to help higher intermediate students who’ve studied structures such as the past tenses, perfect tenses, and subjunctive mood to polish their speaking skills while identifying and overcoming common errors for Spanish learners. Conversational in style, this course will give you an opportunity to practice speaking in an encouraging and fun environment while receiving abundant feedback to help you correct mistakes and improve accuracy. The course will also provide helpful resources and tips on remedying common errors Spanish learners make when speaking Spanish, and practice activities to help students to process and make a habit of using the correct structures.

The topics covered will vary based on the learning needs and interests of the students enrolled. Some examples include:

  • Priorities in choosing the preterite or imperfect past tense
  • Usage of direct & indirect object pronouns
  • Ser vs. Estar
  • Saber vs. conocer
  • Por vs Para & other prepositions
  • Nuances with numbers
  • Differences in the usage of definite & indefinite articles between English & Spanish
  • The gerund, differences in usage of the “ing” form in English and Spanish
  • Expressing the future in Spanish - when to use the present tense, future tense, and “going to”
  • Time expressions with hacer

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed at least Spanish Intermediate 4 or equivalent

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