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Spanish for Educators classes start next week!

Calling all educators! Improve your ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking students and their families in a course specialized to meet your workplace needs! Learn relevant vocabulary and enjoy conversational practice with useful role-play activities, such as parent-teacher conferences, problem-solving with Spanish-speaking students, and giving instructions in Spanish. Offering two online courses: Level 1 for high beginner students and Level 2 for intermediate students.

Spanish for Educators - Level 1 
Intensive Course (2x/week for 5 weeks)
Tues & Thurs | 10:00am-11:30pm | July 16th - August 15th | Elyse  (IN-PERSON)

Spanish for Educators - Level 2 
Intensive Course (2x/week for 5 weeks)
Tues & Thurs | 10:30am-12:00pm |  July 16th - August 15th | Cynthia  (ONLINE)